Monday, June 29, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring!

And I have a frightened dachshund laying on one of my feet with his head resting on the other one so the thunder can't get him. That makes it more than a little difficult to do a happy dance because it's honest to goodness raining out there and it has been for about 15 minutes now. That may not sound like much but the average shower around here, if we even get one has been less than 5 minutes. Wheeeee!!


  1. Congrats! Is it cooling or just getting stickyer We are almost 2 inches over jun 50 yr rain records...

  2. Email me off list if your up tonight!

  3. It cooled off and that was a good thing since the storm that roared through knocked power out for almost 3 hours. You need to share some of that rain with us, according to the local rag this is the driest June since records have been kept. Blagh.