Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm meeeelting...

Any of you out there with an excess of rain or even clouds please feel free to send it all this way. I can't even remember the last time we had some rain and even 97 with a heat index of 101 feels cooler when it isn't so bloody bright out there. Perfect weather to stay the heck inside, watch the College World Series and knit. Or anything else so long as I do not have to set foot out the door.

As proof that I haven't actually melted yet because I have stayed inside and knitted I have pictures:

A nifty little skirty for the Fourth of July! It should be up in the shop soon.

Y'all stay cool, I actually have to venture into the sun for a few minutes. Blagh!


  1. You missed all the rain? We had 5 inches in 2 afternoons! Same temps tho

  2. Not a drop. It's hardly even raining close to us here. Pfui! LOL