Friday, August 28, 2009

In Progress

Y’know, I could probably get more done if I would concentrate on one item at a time but it just doesn’t seem to happen that way. See?

In Progress 82809

Those are just the longies that are in progress right now but if you notice they’re all at different stages of completion. That’s mostly because they’re all waiting for the next needles down the line. I did that on purpose so I can’t start anything else until the blue ribbing is off that needle and onto the next size. Well, I could but I’d have to spend time looking for the needles and right now I’d rather knit so I think I’ll do that.

Right after I hang some laundry.

New Offerings

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and apparently my fingers are ahead of the rest of me this year. They're already cranking out Halloween Appropriate Woolies without consulting me about it.

New to the shop are these two pair that are also just cute as the dickens. (I'm Southern y'all, I'm just sayin')

This pair might not be exactly Halloween but they seem to fit the general feeling. We've all encountered diapers that should have come with a warning like this one right? That's the bum by the way and they are a dark charcoal and light olive green so if you're a Steelers fan, sorry, it's the monitor that makes them look that color.

Toxic Longies

Hip - 16"
Waist 19"
Rise - 18"
Inseam - 12"
Thigh - 10"

These are a little more Halloween/Fall related. He's either the Great Pumpkin in disguise or a snaggle tooth Jack O'Lantern but he won't tell me. He's a cutie though.

Punkin Butt Longies

Waist 12" - 18"
Hips 19"
Rise 18 1/2"
Thighs 10"
Inseam 10"

I have the distinct feeling that these will only be the beginning. In fact, my fingers have a question: Do ghosts have to be white? Very small people and white clothing make me twitch but Elder Child managed to get ketchup in her eyebrows on a regular basis much less on her clothes. So what do you think? Would ghosts in different sheets be as spooky?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Worlds Fattest Mongoose 3 Snakes 0

Sort of anyway. Bandit got another snake yesterday but Tiger must have helped at some point judging by her newly pierced nose. Everybody but the snake is fine though, Tig's been bitten so many times now I only looked closely at her nose because I had already seen the dead snake. She didn't seem to notice at all.

Fall is beginning to sneak into the air so maybe this will be the last battle of the year. At least Toby stayed out of this one, half of his nose was huge after the last one, I think he's figured out that he's short and old so snakes are not his best target.

And two new pair of longies up in the shop! Hopefully I'll finish another pair tonight during the Royal Pains finale. Maybe.

Friday, August 21, 2009


I'm having an end of summer sale in the shop this weekend. Free shipping inside the US and discounted international shipping on all shorties. Go take a look around and have a good weekend.

My new mailbox

Mine is the one that's not quite flat yet. Isn't it lovely? Thank you parish highway department.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer Hobbies on the Gulf Coast


Ummm... Hello? Try the second named cyclone of the day.
That would be a little more accurate.


Let's make that 3 named storms in 2 days shall we? Ana,
Bill and Claudette.

Friday, August 14, 2009


My triumph for the day is not finishing a pair of longies meant for the shop but discovering that refills for my much loved Pentel Energel pens fit and function in the body of my Pilot G2 Limited. I love the look and feel of the pen but I seem to be one of few people on the planet that cannot stand the way they write. So now I have my lovely gold Limited with purple ink and that helps feed another craze, first game September 5!

The other victory for today is all the PBS books are wrapped and ready to mail, just got to get to the post office now.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


That's all I could manage the first half dozen or so times I watched this. Go, watch, I'll wait.