Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Should be promoted to Monday.

It should have been a reasonable Tuesday, maybe a little more so because it was Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday but that was actually where I got my first hint that things were going wonky.

After that I found out that Robert B. Parker died at his desk yesterday doing what he loved and what I loved most about him – writing. He and Spenser and Hawk and Jesse Stone and all of the others will be sorely missed. I’m trying to decide which Spenser I want to start rereading first.

In an odd twist the argument could be made that Mr. Parker was Mr. Poe’s yearly visitor no? Probably not but I’d like that.

A little closer to home the rest of the day went more and more spectacularly wrong as the hours passed and that’s all I really want to say on the matter. Steps are being taken and tomorrow is another day according to Miss O’Hara so I suppose I’ll try again tomorrow.

Y’all have a good night, I’ll try to, it’s been better than my day but that’s not all that difficult.


  1. Its Friday a week later...did you survive?

  2. Tap,Tap,Tap....TAP, TAP, TAP! Any one home?!!

  3. I survived. That whole Saints going to the Super Bowl thing did a lot to counteract all the bad. :) Still doing the Snoopy Dance over that one.