Friday, January 15, 2010

Standing in Line

I need to KIP more, just to spread the gospel of knitting but the main problem with that is I’m rarely in public that I’m not moving at speed to get done and get home.

Yesterday, however, I stopped on the way home to pick up a treat for Mom’s birthday and I knew from experience I’d have to wait while it cooked so this time I took my knitting in with me. A good idea as it turns out.

While I was waiting I met a nice lady that likes hats so she’ll be checking out the shop and an older man that crochets and was curious how knitting compared in mechanics. And a second man that wanted to know what I was making. Lots of friendly interest at the chicken counter yesterday.

I also learned that I should carry a hat around with me because it is a lot easier when asked “What are you making? A cap?” to answer, “Yes indeed. See?” Answering with “A sleep sack” draws blank looks that demand an explanation; so I explained, three times. The ladies behind the counter probably know more than they want to about sleep sacks now.

Maybe next time I’ll just lie and say “Why yes, it is a hat.” (At that point in the knitting it still could have turned into a hat but I love the way the colors are pooling so I’m going to carry on with the sack.) Or maybe not, this way I got to spread knitting and cloth diapering, that can’t be a bad thing.

Still not sure what next time will bring, today was another day of moving at speed to stay ahead of the rain so no knitting in line. There will be, however, lots of knitting now that I am at home. Y’all have a good night, I’m off to do that knitting now.


  1. It's fun to watch the expressons on folks faces when I tell them about longies or soakers. I have had a few converts and customers from it tho!

  2. I love that look, especially on some of my odder projects.