Friday, July 10, 2009

Toy in Action

Sort of. Actually I didn't get the camera out until I was finished playing with the new toy, for the moment so I have no action shots. I do have a picture of the teeny tiny lucet with a soap sack that has been needing a drawstring. Today, finally, thanks to my mail carrier and Sistermaide Woodworks it does. And Elder Child's eyes are in danger of rolling out of her head I'm so tickled with my lucet. It's all right though, if they do I'll put them on the ends of my next cord.

I also have new shorties/capris going up in the shop soon, I hope. Younger Child is finished napping so it's a toss up if I get to accomplish anything else for the next few hours. Just in case here's a picture, they're eye searing but I love the way the double ruffle turned out no matter how much I cursed trying to figure out construction.

Y'all have a good night, I'm off to play more, maybe.


  1. I checked the shop and she is out of them! Ive tried finding a smallish one for a while! Hmm...wonder if you could make longies cord....

  2. This was the last one when I ordered it and I'm already thinking of a second one. Longies cord is next to try, I just don't have any that need one yet.