Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stupid Weather Gnomes

That promised round two of the storm not only didn't get here but it completely disappeared! However, looking at the radar it's reforming in a slightly different place so there still might be more rain tonight, I figure about 3 minutes after I finally go to bed. While I'm partly trying to out stubborn the rain and doing some knitting I thought I'd use the fingers differently and show you my newest new toy.

Another lucet!

Hmmmm... on reflection I probably should have taken a picture of both of them for comparison but I didn't think about that until right now. The peg tips are the same width apart on both but the baby one only reaches to the top of the decoration so this one is much bigger which might be useful to someone without tiny little paws like mine. Personally I like both of them.

This one came from another great seller Mosaic Moon. It's a great product and her customer service is great when she doesn't have a slightly stupid customer to deal with. When I ordered I was immediately informed that there was a problem with the supplier and there would be a delay in shipping. I was also offered a refund if I did not want to wait. Awesome. The stupid part comes in where my filtering system hid that e-mail from me until after I had written asking about the delay more than a week later. I found it about an hour after I sent my e-mail and according to the timestamp after it was answered. D'oh! Like I said, excellent customer service, slightly stupid customer. I think I'm over the stupid, at least that strain of it, and I'm pleased with my new toy. I just need more hands so I can knit and lucet at the same time.

Okay, break is over. Still no rain but Little Man has decided he's not going to sleep he is, in fact going to fuss until I pick him up so I'll do that. I can knit that way but not type so well so rain to those that want it and have a good night.

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