Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Latest

I told you I hadn't been completely sucked into Mafia Wars, there's also lots to do with school ending in a few days. Elder had another field trip last week and she's on another one today, I think this is the last one but Awards Night is tomorrow so there's more to day.

If I tried taking pictures of everything on the needles I'd never get any more knitting done so instead I have pictures of what's off the needles.

More field trip knitting from the last one. I started this one waiting to leave school and finished... sometime during the day.

Then I started this one, I finished it the next day during the first official showing of Wolverine Origins in town. After running all over two towns all day we were too tired for the midnight showing.

And these Elder Child volunteered a name without even being asked this time and she was right. I was leaning toward something I can't even remember now because Mint Chocolate Chip fit better.

The body is dyed by me, the trim is Patons Merino, I think.

Everything is up in the shop already and I'm going to shut up now so I can get some actual knitting done. Y'all have a good day.