Saturday, May 23, 2009


So no early storm, just a lot of rain all over the Gulf Coast, it just started falling here and the sun is even still shining. Guess rain is a good excuse for watching more Babylon 5, so we are.

More ends have been sewn in during the watching so I have more shorties to show off and hopefully I'll have another pair finished tonight.

I like these colors, I just have to see if I can repeat it, I was playing with the dye again and didn't make any notes. Astounding how that always happens when things go well with the dyepots.

Okay, I'm back to knitting or I won't have anything else to show you later.

Y'all have a good day out there.

*Update 6:05pm*

Doin' a Snoopy Dance! I just set a record, this pair is already sold!

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  1. AWESOME!! love it when they sell in record time. Those colors are great, I never make notes & then get upset with myself when I have trouble recreating