Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Late Night Viewing

I like to call Open Range my ‘crack Western’ if it’s on odds are better than even I’ll stop and watch a bit. Not only is it just a good movie but Kim Coates is in it and I’ve proved I’ll watch anything with him in it at least once and usually more than that.



**and then I get maudlin, you might just want to go now.**



Lately though if I watch from the beginning I always have the bad timing to look up just as Charley is carrying Tig to bury her with Mose and it just kills me. I know it’s coming and I know if I look it’s worse and usually I don’t look but sometimes I don’t think and I look up from my knitting or the laptop and it’s bad all over again. I remember how hot I was and how oak trees have fearsome roots to hack through to dig a grave and how much I had never buried my own pet until that day, they were always someone else’s and I helped to spare the pain and how much I still want my sweet, goofy, weird looking, loving, heart owning dog back.

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