Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Hobby

Well, I only said my dogs were non-knitting. Apparently Tig is taking up the lucet instead.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Brain Coral Tawashi

Due to all the clamoring (thanks for asking katie) and to make up for the My-phone-has-no-flash-but-is-otherwise-awesome picture here is my "pattern" such as it is.

Worsted weight cotton or acrylic if you want, that one ^ is cotton.

DP needles, a bunch of them around size 6 or so, whatever you're comfortable using with the yarn I'm not entirely sure all of my needles were the same size and I'm good with that, they worked.

Using your favorite circular cast on, I used a crochet hook (you need one of those for about a minute too) and made 9 single crochets in a circle, just because I like 9 and 6 was very small. I'd show you 6 but Elder Child has claimed it, not real sure why.

Anyway, cast on your stitches, get them onto your double points and commence knitting one in front and one in back in each and every stitch. Don't worry about where rounds start or end, the only concern is when you feel the need to add another needle to the mix. I started with the stitched divided on two with one to work on and at the end had 10 in there only because I couldn't find any more within arms reach that were even close in size.

Contine k1f & k1b until you're throughly sick of it and/or your brain coral is the size you think you want. Cast off. Collect all your needles, sew in your ends and you have a brain coral. It's decorative and useful, you can use it to scrub dishes or yourself.

I'd post a better picture but it's cloudy today and now that one has disappeared in the night. I hope it's at the bottom of my knitting bag and not creeping around the house some... ack!

Pick Up Sticks!

It really will turn out to be something. I hope. I'd cross my fingers but I think they're in there somewhere.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


A week and three hours until NaNoWriMo starts?


Where’d I leave those index cards?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Picture Day!

There has finally been a break in the rain long enough for the ramp to dry so out I scampered with the camera and various woolies that had been languishing for their photo op.

First up a couple of longies headed for the shop shortly.

Cherry Spritely:

Cherry Spritely Front

and Kettle Corn:

Kettle Corn Front

a small Pixie hat with a tiny friend:

Both Hats

and longies still in the works:Group Shot

Wow. Got the pictures done and this post written before tiny life starts stirring. Must dash, he’ll want to eat before we make the school run and likely the rain will start again.

Y’all stay dry out there and I wish I could send warm to those that are already cold. It’s almost up to 90 again today. Blagh.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Some days I just feel like my brain is plugged in wrong. See, I have this knack for picking out obscure patterns and references that sometimes drives people around me crazy. I think it’s interesting making all these odd connections but sometimes it just doesn’t quite catch. Those are the ones that bug me.

The latest one: I watch Castle and it’s great. It’s funny, ABC is running it in order and I never have to guess what night and what time it is going to air. Hear that FOX? It’s amazing how well a good show does when people can find it to watch it. Anyway, last night at some point Nathan Fillion tweeted 

Anyone catch the obscure Firefly reference in Castle just now? 6 min in?

Ummm… No. Surely I would have caught anything said about Firefly, I’ve watched the DVD’s countless times. (Hello? FOX?) How could I miss a Firefly reference? And of course I didn’t tape Castle last night, I watched it so I had to tape CSI Miami. I had to track down a friend that did tape it to get another look.

6 minutes in, nothing. A minute either side of that, nothing. Watching again. Nothing except Castle playing with his hands after he pulls on his latex gloves; don’t need extra fingerprints at the crime scene do we? I thought it was odd last night but hey. Watch again. Nothing but the gloves. And Castle’s hands. Flashing a peace… not a peace sign, a two. With blue gloves.

Ack! Two by two with hands of blue! I can even hear River saying it in my head over the clicking of pieces falling together.

That thunking noise? Ignore that, it’s my head banging against the side of my desk, the top is too messy.  Maybe I’ll pull out Firefly tonight after NCIS, NCIS:LA and SoA. Wow, it must be initial night.

Y’all have fun, I have to find supper, can’t miss Gibbs.

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