Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Knitting

Yep, I’m knitting for Christmas, I know it’s December 12, just hush. I figured if I put my list here then I wouldn’t be able to lose it. I might not come back and look at it until January just to avoid it but I definitely won’t lose it.

1. Greenhorn Hat – needs horns

2. Viking Helmet – needs horns attached

3. Nessie – needs one flipper and finishing

4. Girl Legwarmers

5. Boy Legwarmers

6. Goomba Hat – needs eyes, next for the head, drying

7. Snake Scarf – not looking likely

8. Winchester Washcloths

9. Puggles

10. Fox Hat – needs ears, drying

11. Ruffled longies – not Christmas but need to be done, drying, need drawstring, needs to stop raining again so I can photograph

12. Girly Camo Longies – see 11

13. Brown Wrist Warmers – Sewing in ends is not hard but you can’t prove it by me.

14. Orange Wrist Warmers – I have two hands, so I must need two, and the one needs a thumb

15. F*** Off, I’m Trying to Read – I know a lot of readers

16. Dr. Pepper  - no, not a knitted one, it’s a reminder

17. Black Hat – needs ds

18. Dwarf Hat – ripped back a second time and it’s still not for pinheads. – 3/4

19. Elementary x2

20. Death of Rats – wash yarn and stop spilling things on all yarn attempting to dry but it won’t stop raining

21. Squid – where did I leave that book?

22. Knitty – another reminder

If you watch carefully this list will change as I *gasp* finish things and probably add things to it. And if I’m really good, I’ll even remember to take pictures before the presents so away.


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