Thursday, August 27, 2009

Worlds Fattest Mongoose 3 Snakes 0

Sort of anyway. Bandit got another snake yesterday but Tiger must have helped at some point judging by her newly pierced nose. Everybody but the snake is fine though, Tig's been bitten so many times now I only looked closely at her nose because I had already seen the dead snake. She didn't seem to notice at all.

Fall is beginning to sneak into the air so maybe this will be the last battle of the year. At least Toby stayed out of this one, half of his nose was huge after the last one, I think he's figured out that he's short and old so snakes are not his best target.

And two new pair of longies up in the shop! Hopefully I'll finish another pair tonight during the Royal Pains finale. Maybe.


  1. I love those! THe Toxic is just to cute...ROYAL PAINS FINALE!!! Ack! I missed it!

  2. There's a replay on tomorrow morning but the really bad news is the new season doesn't start until next summer! Waaaahhhh!!