Monday, April 27, 2009

Ahead of the storm.

The mighty Weather Bug says we only have a 40% chance of rain tonight but three downpours have raced through already so I'll just take what comes. The last was heralded by a crash of thunder that with the rolling and all was actually longer than the (extremely) brief shower that followed. The dogs were scared longer than all of it and there's more coming. Yay.

Points for me thought, I didn't drop my camera when the thunder crashed so I have pictures.

Cool, more thunder, I think I heard the rain start again and the sun is brighter than it's been all day. Got to love Louisiana weather. Or wait a minute or two it will change. In fact, it is right now.

Well, just in case it changes for the worse here are the pictures, with or without details:

Wow that bow blends in doesn't it? There is a drawstring there, it must be shy.

Yarn: Blue Faced Leicester dyed by me
Waist: 13
Hip: 17
Rise: 13 1/2
Inseam: 2 1/2
Thigh: 10 1/2

This picture is actually a pretty true representation.

Yarn: Merino dyed by me
Waist: 14 1/2
Hip: 18
Rise: 16
Inseam: 2 1/2
Thigh: 10 1/2

Not a good picture but I decided inside was better than out, I'll get a better one later. I'm considering some type of embellishment but I'm not sure what. Right at the moment I'm leaning toward obnoxiously yellow flowers but that's just me. Any ideas?

Yarn: Wool dyed by me
Waist: 14 1/2
Hip: 20
Rise: 18
Inseam: 6
Thigh: 10
Skirt: 7

Hey, got all of that done and it's a little cloudy outside but nothing else. If the nothing continues on I'll get everything but the skirty up in the shop tonight, I hope. If not, they'll be there soon.

Y'all have a good night and stay dry. Watch out for scared dachshunds too.


  1. Whew! Are your fingers on fire?! I love how 5 people can use the same colors ane have entirely differnt about yellow & pink flowers? or yellow & a touch of purple mixed in? Really nice which ever you choose...they will not be in you store for long!

  2. They feel like it but that could just be spring in Louisiana. I've already got more pictures to take, another field trip produced another bib plus.